WPF CUP – 16th September, 2023 (MT HOPE, Squeaker Squadron Series 5)

In todays Mt HOPE, Squeaker Squadron Series 5, final race and of course the WPF CUP.

Approximately 64 WPF flyers with 1269 birds & 10 GCHC flyers with 104 birds a total of 74 flyers and 1373 birds were released at 7.00am.

At the race point there was clear blue sky with little to no wind. On release the birds cleared in one group within a minute heading for home.

Production of clocks no later than 7.00pm [don’t be late].



Truck Unloading Clubs are Deer Park & Sunshine. https://wpf.org.au/2023-unloading-roster-clubs

Benzing Live Users. Evaluation to be done by 6pm [atleast 1 hour before production].


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