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Western Pigeon Federation of Victoria Inc.

Where pigeon fanciers of the West come together to enjoy the thrill of racing pigeons.

From early July, our fanciers train their athletic thoroughbreds of the sky to navigate home and race amongst some of the best racing pigeons with a pedigree dating back to the early 1800’ in the West.

The competition starts with a sprint at 150 kilometres to over the marathon races at 900 kilometres, where the winners can achieve speeds of over 2 kilometres in a minute.

Wow. I never get tired of seeing that!

We even conduct the longest pigeon race over water in the world, Bass strait! Truly amazing. How do they do that?

Are you interested in learning more or getting started?

Our experienced fanciers will help you acquire your race team and build you’re winning post in your backyard (the loft), or

Sponsor one of our superstar federation winners and enjoy the thrill of pigeon racing without the need for ownership, daily care, or management for only a fraction of the price but all the family fun.

Experience; learn and have some COVID-safe fun, then come on and try the wonderful sport of pigeon racing. Complete our contact form now.


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National Ace Pigeons – ANRPB

National Ace Pigeon Awards 2023 [Australia National Racing Pigeon Board Incorporated] The Australian National Racing Pigeon Board (ANRPB) is pleased to announce that as of this year (2023), they are looking to award an Australian pigeon that achieves the best performance in an individual Federation and or Combine of Clubs…

Officers of the WPF 2023 [expressions of interest].

Dear Members. In accordance with Rule 17.6 of the Constitution of the Western Pigeon Federation of Victoria Inc., the Board of Management is calling for expressions of interest for the following volunteer Officer positions from the members. Liberation committee x 2. Clock Marshall. Property Officer. Ring Secretary. Velocity Officer. Chronometer…


The WPF Squeaker Squadron Series for 2023. Proudly sponsored by the Yarraville Racing Pigeon Club. Rules & Regulations. The competition is for children aged 4-16 years of age. A 25-bird race team ring allocation list made up of all current year rings needs to be submitted to the WPF secretary…

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