Lost Pigeons

We appreciate you taking the time to try and find the owner of the pigeon you have found.  If possible, while the pigeon is in your care, if you could please provide some fresh water and a small handful of uncooked rice twice a day, both the pigeon and it’s owner will be extremely thankful.

To report a pigeon, please contact our Ring Secretary:
Pauline Pulis on 0427 467 011.

Or use the form below, which will send an email direct to our Ring Secretary.

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Ring Number

YYYY - EG. 2022
EG. 16000, the 1 to 6 digit number NOT the mobile contact number.

Contact Details

Address where the bird is to be picked up from
Please Check that all details are correct before submitting.
Lastly, remember to provide the bird freshwater; some rice; oats; and or small dry bird seed.