WPF Board of Management Nomination Notification for 2024.

Board of Management Nomination Notification 2024.

Dear members.

Please find attached the following.

  1. 2024 WPF Membership Form- online.
  2. 2024 WPF Membership Form – pdf.
  3. 2024 WPF Board of Management nomination form – pdf.
  4. 2024 WPF Victorian Racing Pigeon Body [VRPB] representative nomination form – pdf.

Important information.

As the Western Pigeon Federation of Victoria Inc.’s financial year ends on the 31 December 2023 the following will apply.

Any voting will be in accordance with Constitutional Rule 14, Clauses (1), (2) & (3) of the WPF Constitution.

For the purposes of the AGM.

A Financial Member is a member who has submitted their membership form with payment either via the online membership form Membership form 2024 to the WPF Secretary/Treasurer or a paper version to their club, which has been validated by the WPF Secretary/Treasurer any time after the completion of the previous racing season up to 11.59pm on the first Saturday in February. 2024 WPF Registration Day.

In accordance with Constitutional Rule 18, clause (d)

Nominations of candidates for election as Elected Board Members shall be.

(i) Made in writing on the form provided by the WPF signed by Two Financial Member of the WPF and accompanied by the written consent of the nominee.

Regards, BOM.

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