WPF Board Meeting 13th October 2014

 In attendance:           R Russell; M Portelli; B Mizzi; C Abela; D Vatsakis; G Fontana; J Angelino; C Cachia.

Apologies:     N Iannazzone; T Abraham; B Mizzi; J Muscat; J Angelino; J Farrugia;

President Ray Russell opened the meeting at 7.35 pm

Previous minutes were read and received.

Moved:     D Vatsakis                         Seconded:  J. Angelino

Correspondence received:

1)        Being a new member Rodney Giannfala was out of his control and he will be provided a reading.

2)        F Lia Breeders plate to be on line of Flight.

Finance Report:

Finance and Treasury report was read. All in order. Breeder Plate were approved for payment.

Moved: D Vatsakis                   Seconded: M Portelli

 Response to letters:

1)  Approved for a reading. Moved: D Vatsakis                        Seconded: M Portelli

2)  Breeder plate to be moved to line of flight. 7 in favour 1 against. – Carried

All correspondence Moved: Cachia Seconded M Portelli

General Business

Tassie and National – Future Transport

Various options were considered and explored given recent events it was unanimously agreed that we transport our birds for both these events. We are to write a letter to the National committee that we will be exercising our right to transport our birds in 2015.

All board members were in favour.

Squeaker Sale 16th of January 2015

To further assist the financial viability of our federation and create more friendship between members, we are conducting a squeaker sale were members are encouraged to donate two squeakers to the federation. The proceeds will be used to reduce our transport costs.

Members who donate birds will be provided a discount to their transport costs.

If you can’t donate birds on the day you can nominate two birds and you can make arrangements with the flier to pick up when the youngsters when ready.

Moved all members.

Clock Setting:

Remove rule 8.9  for Wednesday night basketing. Clocks can now be set on day of basketing.

Moved: M Portelli                    Seconded: J Angelino

Basketing Numbers

Limit of birds per basket is as follows:

Friday night – 35

Thursday – 30

Wednesday 25

Moved J Angelino                    Seconded G Fontana

New Member application form and joining times.

Ray is reviewing all our documentation and will prepare a new application form. We are also moving the joining time from 28 days to 7 days before a member can be accepted.

Moved: M Portelli                    Seconded: J Angelino

Race Results Data Entry – Protocol – DRAFT Procedure

We are encouraging clubs to follow the recommended protocol when entering race results to ensure we have an open an fair system of communicating our results. Here are some ideas to help speed up the process:

When all members are present at pullover data can be entered in (flier race name) alphabetical order:

Clocks (which use race rubbers)

Are to be opened with 2 clock committee members present. Race rubbers are to be verified by 2 other members.

Once all data is verified by the 4 members this is handed over to the computer data operator who enters results.

Electronic Clocks

Once clocks are pulled over and results are verified by the member’s signature the results can be immediately entered into the system by the data operator.

When all members are not present at first pull over.

Same as above other than: It is recommended that the fastest clocks are entered first.

If a flier does not fly the event but is registered to race, the club must entered as “DID NOT FLY”.

If a member does produce a clock it must be registered that they “DID NOT TRAP”

The above should produce a quicker result.

Race Day Protocol – Loft Flying of non race birds

Birds are not to be released for loft flying after 12 .30 pm for normal / usual races although if it is envisaged birds my be home earlier Loft birds should be restricted to loft flying to 1 hour before anticipated arrival.

If unsure give your birds a day of rest and leave them in the loft.

Any member found exercising there birds when race birds are arriving will be given a warning with possible further action of fines and or termination from the federation.

Race Program

Mick Rippon the owner of Pigeon racer.net.au will be asked to include the following changes:

Rectify the calculation of averages when 2 birds are clocked

Look to include individual club averages

Add an extra page to show our contact numbers etc.

New Conveyer

We have appointed a new conveyer for the remaining races of the year..

Board Member Qualification

To be a qualified board member;  a member must have 3 years flying experience under the WPF rather than the current 1 year.

Race Results for 2013.

Secretaries are reminded to update their respective clubs 2013 results in our old race results system so fliers can be issued with diplomas for 2013.


Our next meeting board meeting is scheduled for the 10th of November 2014 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed: 10.05pm

Ray Russell