Board of Management (BOM) Meeting Minutes – March 2013




Tuesday 12th March 2013

Members Present:

C. Bonnici D. Vatsakis

C. Fontana C. Bonnici

J. Angelino M. Ciancio

F. Lia J. Farrugia

M. Portelli


B. Mizzi A. Papadakis T. Abraham

President Mr. F. Lia opened the meeting at 7.30 pm.

Previous Minutes:

Minutes from the 2013 AGM were read and received, Minutes from the February board of management meeting were also read and received.

Moved: J. Angelino

Seconded: J. Farrugia

Treasurers Report:



Letter One: From the Deer Park Club: List of flying members for the 2013 season.

Letter Two: Letter from Chris Cassar querying his in/ability to race with the WPF from the same loft his wife races with the VPO from.

Letter Three: Deer Park Club notifying of new member, the Barry Family (Gerard and Kevin Barry and Karen Brown ), racing from

1490 Riddell Rd., Riddells Creek. Also, Martin Bonnano has joined Deer Park and will be flying from 7 Margaret

Crescent, Braybrook.

Letter Four: From Simon Grech requesting to become an Ambassador for the WPF in order to obtain sponsorship. Some sponsors

Already approached and sponsorship of $4000 already garnered. Request to use the sponsorship money as prize money

To bring back the ‘pool bird’ system with entry fees going to the WPF. To use the sponsorship money to re-furbish the

Results board in the Main room and to also allow him to organise the end of year dinner dance once again.

(Copy of letter to also be found on website, same page as these Minutes).



Tuesday 12th March, 2013

General Business:


Letter One: Noted.

Letter Two: The Board has decided that Secretary Mr. M. Portelli is to approach our solicitor to seek advice on whether the current

By-laws cover our reasons for not wanting fliers to race from more than one organisation from the same loft.

Letter Three: Part A noted pending clearance. Part B Noted.

Letter Four: Simon Grech has been appointed Ambassador in order to seek sponsorship on behalf of the WPF. The Board has also

Approved Simon to organise the end of year Presentation night and has agreed to re-instate the ‘pool bird’ system with

Winner take all first prize of $200…the prize money coming from the sponsorship fund and entry fees of $2 p.bird going

To the WPF. The Board will also look into re-furbishing the Results board in the Main Centre.

Moved: J. Farrugia

Seconded: M. Portelli

ITEM TWO: Board has discussed life membership for A. Maclean and once two letters of nomination are received a special meeting

Will be called and a vote taken.

ITEM THREE: Joe Angelino requested to increase the charge for winning bird photographs from $50 – $60.

Moved: F. Lia

Seconded: J. Farrugia

ITEM FOUR: Joe Angelino requested re-numeration of $200 for the use of his pigeon unit during the Breeders Plate race of 2012.

The Board decided that any charge for use of the unit should have been requested at the time of use.


Meeting closed at 10.40 pm.

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