WPF Board Meeting  9th June 2014

 In attendance:           R Russell; M Portelli; N Iannazzone; B Mizzi; C Abela; ; D Vatsakis; J Muscat; G Fontana; C Cachia.

Apologies:      J Angelino; J Farrugia and Tony Abraham.

President Ray Russell opened the meeting at 7.35 pm

Previous minutes were read and received.

Moved:     D Vatsakis                         Seconded:  J. Muscat

Correspondence received:

1)    Ivan J Cotter  – Would  like to race with the WPF for 2014.

2)   Melton Racing Pigeon Club – Advised they will race with the VPO for 2014.

3)   Brimbank City Council   –  Carrington Drive Rooms inspected; WPF Business Plan due 10/6/14; Jim Gillespie inducted into the Hall of Fame, request for capital expenditure improve drainage and gate lighting.

4) Andrew Papadakis advising he is now racing his nephews pigeons.

Finance Report:

Finance and Treasury report was read. All in order. There are a number of unrepresented prize money cheques by members.

Moved: B Mizzi                            Seconded: M Portelli


 Response to letters:

1)  I van Cotter – Approved.

2) Melton letter noted.

3) R Russell presented his work on the WPF business plan for presentation on the 10/6/14 to Luke Casey. All members in favor.

Moved M Portelli Seconded C Cachia

4) Andrew Papadakis your request is noted.

All correspondence Moved: Cachia Seconded M Portelli

Breeders Plate Sale dates

Given the success of our Breeders Plate it was agreed by all members to hold another event with the same successful format in 2015. The following sale dates were agreed to allow all interested members enough opportunity to support the race and buy or enter birds:






Waiting on Copy of electronic Breeders Plate format from M Portelli

New Short Distances Averages

It was agreed by all members that we introduce a new average for the short distance. This will include all races up to 475klm. The exciting part here is that the winner of the series will not be decided until the Tasmania race in October.

Our new race results software will be able to accommodate this new feature easily.

Moved: C Cachia Seconded M Portelli

Federation Room Stewards C Abela & Ray Russell

Race Results

Last year race results data that was being entered into our program and was not being checked by a approved Board member. This is totally unacceptable and this practice will not continue in 2014 race reason.

Outside clubs (Williamstown & Yarraville )  are to submit their race data for verification and checking to Charlie Ablea. He will will check, verify  and submit to Ray Russell for data accuracy into our new software with the 14 day open race period.

Club Secretaries & IT Support Members

We are running a training night for clubs secretaries and any members that helps with race data entry. This will be held  on Monday the 23rd of June 2016.


To kick off the 2014 season and bring the flyers together the week before racing starts, on Saturday the 21st of June there will be a BBQ for members from 3pm to 6pm.

Our next meeting board meeting is scheduled for the 14th of July 2014 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed: 9.35pm

Ray Russell