FOWLERS GAP – 22nd October, 2022

Communication update: 13 October 2022

Many roads between Melbourne on route to Fowlers Gap have been closed due to flooding,  as a result of the heavy rain activity.

After consulting with the VRPU and the transport company it has been agreed that the race point will be moved from Fowlers Gap to Carrieton to ensure a 500ml race is still able to take place.

The roads on route are open and do not show any signs of flooding or closure at this stage and will provide a safer route for the transporter and the birds.

WPF rooms will open at 6.00pm for basketing tonight.


Communication 12 October 2022.

Due to the serious rain and storm activity forecasted to span from Port August in South Australia across to Canberra in NSW and all the way through to Tasmania on Thursday 13 October 2022 it has been agreed that it is in the best interest of the birds, truck driver and convoyer to move basketing to Thursday for a Sunday race.

Basketing: Thursday 13 October 2022

Race: Sunday 16 October 2022

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