COBAR – 8th October, 2022 (Victorian National 10 Bird)


Official release: In today’s race the “National”, a total of 1306 birds were released at 7:15am with clear blue skies and a 7km southerly. Birds left in 5 mins. Break up of birds and flyers VHA – 533 birds 66 flyers, WPF – 352 birds 49 flyers, VRPU 248 birds 34 flyers, VPO 140 birds 20 flyers and GMPF 13 birds 3 flyers. Clock production is at 8:00pm or within 2 hours of clocking after 6:00pm and good luck.

Birds were released at 7.15am into clear blue skies with a light southerly of around 7km/hr. The bird mucked around for approx. 5 minutes before heading for home.

Approximately 49 WPF flyers with 352 birds. Along with additional VRPU, VHA, VPO and GMPF birds. 

Basketing roster: Green Gully club is unloading the truck.

Production: 8.00pm (day light savings time) or 2 hours after clocking if clocking after 6pm.

Benzing evaluations will be completed by the administrator.

Remember to clock your second (2nd) bird.

08/10/2022 Birds held over due to rain.

Unloading Basket Roster 2022

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