Carrieton – 16th October, 2022

In todays race from Carrieton approximately 51 WPF flyers with 919 birds, 11 GCHC flyers with 129 bird, 7 GPRA flyers with 33 birds, 33 VRPU flyers with 350 birds grand totaling 102 flyers with 1431 birds were liberated at 7.30am  the birds got up high and were gone within 2 minutes in 1 group. There was no wind at the race point at the time of liberation.

Basketing roster: Altona City club is unloading the truck.

Production: 8.00pm or 2 hours after clocking if clocking after 6pm. If clocking after 6.00pm please call either R. Russell or M. Tenaglia to ensure someone will be at the rooms.

Benzing evaluations will be completed by the administrator.

Remember to clock your second (2nd) bird.

In the event no birds are clock on the night production will be 7.00pm Monday 17 October 2022

Carrieton results. 

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