BROKEN HILL – 1st October, 2022


WPF flyers: 57, WPF birds: 1205 plus 168 from Geelong totaling of 1373 birds.

Released at 7.30am in clear blue skies. Birds cleared within 2 minutes in 1 group heading straight for home.

Basketing roster: Deer Park club is unloading the truck.

Production: 8.00pm (day light savings time) or 2 hours after clocking if clocking after 6pm.

Benzing evaluations will be completed by the administrator.

Remember to clock your second (2nd) bird.

Good luck to everyone. Don’t forget to attend the Jubilee function between 1-4pm.


Due to the increasing thunderstorm activity forecasted to be in front of the birds for their trip home between 12-5pm.  The race has been moved.

Basketing: Friday 30 September 2022

Racing: Sunday 2 October 2022.

As a result the Jubilee presentation has been brought forward.

Commencing at 1pm and finishing at 4pm with BBQ commencing at 2pm.

With a bit of luck this will give everyone a chance to get home before the birds.

Jubilee 50th Anniversary event.

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