In todays’ race from Bookaloo 17/11/2012, 167 WPF, 71 Geelong, 752 VHA, 37 Rosebud, 64 Gippsland, and 540 VRPU birds (for a total of 1631 pigeons), were released at 7.15 am.  Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with some high white cloud and a 5-10 km/p/hr Southerly breeze.  Upon release all birds left the race point in one group with 20 or so birds returning after 5 mins.  For the journey home temperatures are expected to range between 17-25 deg. with light South to SouthEasterly winds.  Best wishes to all.


Bookaloo co-ordinates are:

Latitude:              -31,               52,            31.14

Longitude:            137,             20,            51.96