Board of Management (BOM) Meeting Minutes – February 2024


13 February 2024

Meeting opened:



2/242-244 Caroline Springs Boulevard, CAROLINE SPRINGS VIC

Meeting Chaired by:

Ray Russell – President


R. Russell, J. Farrugia, D. Tenaglia, M. Tenaglia, J. Pulis, S. Mifsud, C. Cachia, J Saggers.





Review of previous BOM minutes.

Minutes from last month’s BOM meeting were taken as read.

Here is the link: BOM meeting January 2024

All business arising from previous meeting minutes moved to General Business.

Moved: J.Pulis Seconded: D. Tenaglia Carried: All


Inward (IC)

12/02/2024     Brimbank Council, Daniel Trevillian departing 13/02/2024.

24/01/2024     VRPU agree to transport with WPF full season.

09/02/2024     Yolla shipping sponsorship for 2024

06/02/2024     Consumer Affairs Annual Reporting due by 30/06/2024

CBA deposit wallet pending.

Outward (OC)

20/01/2024     GMPF transport quote provided.

02/01/2024     BOM Nominations.

02/01/2024     SGM announcement.

06/02/2024     AGM notice.

All correspondence moved to General Business.

Moved: J. Saggers Seconded: J. Farrugia Carried: All

Financial Report

Financial reports for 31st December 23 (approved by Auditor) & January 24 presented.

Westpac balance on 31 January 24 $30,180.48.

La Trobe investment balance on 31 January 2024 $169,962.70

Our transport committee, led by John Saggers and Daniel Tenaglia, was successful in securing the purchase of a late model prime mover with very low kilometres – 254,000 at its written down value from Linfox. Will be delivered in roadworthy condition.

All other similar trucks on sale had kilometers greater than 500,000 kilometers with prices over $170,000. Our price at $130k was an awesome outcome.

Well done, John and Daniel, you’ve helped the WPF and the wider pigeon community secure low-cost, high-quality, long-distance pigeon racing transport. The WPF board and members thank you.

Deposits were approved to be paid whilst the truck is being decommissioned and ready for delivery.

La Trobe withdrawal 30 days’ notice placed funds to be available 8 March 2204.

Balance via early with drawl. $73K with penalty La Trobe withdrawal early exit penalty $73K x 1.5% = $1095.00 added to the withdrawal

XERO setup to assist with GST reporting 1st month free 6 months ½ price – normal cost $780 pa.

As our turnover exceeds $150k our existing Auditor can no longer do this role and a new auditor as been appointed.

Moved all outstanding accounts be paid.

Moved: D. Tenaglia Seconded: S. Mifsud Carried: All

General Business


Letter 1 – Confirm the WPF need a forklift as it’s used through the racing season.

Letter 2 – Email from GMPC to transport birds for Yola – share transport costs equally

New Business.

Our canteen fridge is no longer working. Alternatives being investigated by J Pulis & C Cachia.

ATO has no electronic data of our GST registration. Marc is working with the ATO to rectify this and will register for GST for the 2024 year.

Once our GST registration is rectified, we will have Microsoft supply a free version of their products (as we meet their not-for-profit definition) to support the WPF remaining paperless. Marc and Chris have provided this at no cost to date.

Geelong City Homing Club

Price for 2024

2023 was $0.90 per bird plus $20 unit & $3 Tassie.

Annual General Meeting


M. Ciancio

C. Venes.

Reminder BOM meeting are normally held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of every month.

Meeting closed:


8.30 pm

​​Next meeting:​


13 March 2024 – Tuesday





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