In todays’ race from Mildura 30/09/2012, 1104 WPF birds, 395  Geelong birds and app. 800 Greater Melbourne birds were released at 7.45 am.   Conditions at the race point were mainly clear with some cloud cover, with a 10 km/p/h  Southwesterley wind.   Once released,  all birds cleared the race point within three minutes.  For the trip home birds are expected to encounter Southwesterley winds of 15-25 km/p/h with winds turning West/Southwesterly 20-30km/p/h closer to home.  Maximum expected temperature for Victoria today is 15 deg.  Best wishes to all.

Remember production of clocks is within one and a half hours of clocking.

For the outside Federations, the co-ordinates are the same as last week:

Latitude:                      -34,                   11,                     09.4

Longtitude:                 142,                   10,                    07.6