2024 WPF Transport Squeaker Sale – 3 February 2024

TRANSPORT SQUEAKER SALE 2024 – event link.

Great way to top up your race team or get a young stock bird.  Bidding starts at $20

Birds from other organisation flyers will also be up for auction.

The purchaser will receive free entry into a draw for every purchase they make.

First (1st) prize = 4 x Breeders Plate Rings for the 2023 season (values $200).

Second (2nd) prize = 2 x Breeders Plate rings for the 2023 season (value $100).

Third (3rd) prize = 1 x Breeders Plate ring for the 2023 season (value $50).

Saturday 3 February 2024.  

Location: 27B Carrington Drive ALBION VIC 3020.

Penning starts from 6.00pm. Auction starts around 7.30pm.

BBQ from 7.00pm.

All WPF members are asked to donate two (2) squeakers to the sale to help raise money towards reducing rising transport costs in the 2024 season.


  1. WPF members are encouraged to donate two (2) birds to the sale.
  2. For members to be eligible for a discount their birds must be sold.
  3. We are unable to accept pledges.
  4. We can only accept squeakers rung with the current seasons ring year 2023 (no old birds).
  5. A member is only eligible for a discount from the funds raised at the sale if they have donated two (2) birds and both these birds are sold.
  6. Members simply purchasing birds only are not eligible for a discount on transport in season 2024.
  7. Members will be given the opportunity to buy their own bird/birds back at the starting price if the birds are not sold at the sale.
  8. If Birds do not sell & the owner does not wish to buy them back at the starting price, then they will be ineligible to receive a discount on transport for their owner in season 2024.
  9. The WPF is unable to take responsibility for any birds not sold.
  10. It is the owner’s responsibility to arrange for all birds not sold to be removed from the WPF rooms that night.



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