The WPF Squeaker Squadron Series.

Proudly sponsored by the Yarraville Racing Pigeon Club.

Rules & Regulations.

  1. The competition is for children aged 4-16 years of age.
  2. A 25-bird race team ring allocation list made up of all current year rings needs to be submitted to the WPF secretary on or before the first basketing night of the race season.
  3. A 5-bird limit per race 2024 SSS Race Schedule with single bird presentation for clocking [revised 2024].
  4. Guardian flyer can fly the remaining 20 birds in the same race but they can not be swapped for the 5 nominated in Squeaker Squadron race [revised 2024].
  5. These 5 birds are also eligible to be flown by the guardian flyer if one is present in the WPF competition in the same races as they form part of that flyers bird entry limit, and it is unfair to penalise the
  6. The guardian flyer will pay for the bird entry for the 5 birds as part of their normal entry into the race.
  7. Results to be listed under WPF Juniors / Squeaker Squadron Series.
  8. Points will be awarded based on the fastest velocity depending on the number of registered flyers.
  9. At the Presentation Night, Junior will receive free entry.
  10. Each race to have 3 prize vouchers as an example [for 1st – $50, 2nd – $30 & 3rd – $20] along with a trophy for each winner [to be finalised].
  11. One certificate to be awarded to each flyer as a diploma of achievement at presentation night.

For any further details or queries please call Marc Tenaglia on M: 0456777816 or email:

Membership Form – online.


  1. The current Junior program will remain in place for those who wish to fly their own team independently of their guardian.
  2. These juniors will be able to participate in the five [5] nominated race but must nominate 5 birds from their 15-bird limit.
  3. Guardian Flyer [any adult supervising the child].
  4. A working with Children Permit may be required if you are not a legal guardian of the child.


  1. The guardian flyer registers their team for the season by supplying the ring secretary with their ring allocation list on or prior to the first [1st] basketing night.
  2. On the first [1st] basketing night the guardian flyer will provide a nomination list of 25 current year rings from their ring allocation list.
  3. The guardian flyer races all birds as their own according to the schedule bird limits allowed.
  4. Five [5] races will be nominated for the Squeaker Squadron Series races.
    1. 160km
    2. 240km
    3. 320km
    4. 480km
    5. 560km
  5. On the basketing night of the nominated junior races five [5] birds from the juniors nominated 25 can be entered on behalf of the junior.
  6. These 5 birds will also form part of the guardian flyers race entry limit. Guardian flyer can fly the remaining 20 birds in the same race [revised 2024].

E.G., if the maximum number of birds the guardian flyer can send is 40.  Then 5 of these are made up from the junior’s team and the balance from the guardian flyers team.

  1. If the first bird back to the loft is the junior’s bird both the junior and the guardian flyer will receive the clock time for the same bird as the clock bird forms part of both the junior and guardian flyer’s team so that no flyer is penalized for supporting the junior program.
  2. If the juniors bird arrives after the guardian flyer bird the and the junior flyer will receive the clock time for their respective first bird clocked.

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