The Western Pigeon Federation was founded in Melbourne Australia in 1972. The Federation conducts pigeon races for fanciers in the western areas of Melbourne for over 120 members. The races are on four tracks west, northwest, north and northeast. There is also a race from Tasmania every season. The season starts in early July with a race from 200kms and ends in November with a race from 950kms.






In today’s race from Rochester, 15/07/17, 3090 WPF birds, competing from 87 lofts, along with 400 Geelong birds, for a total of 3490 birds, were released at 10.45am. Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with light winds. Upon release, the birds left the race point in one group within three minutes.    For the trip home sunny skies with some cloud and light winds are expected to continue for the rest of the day. Maximum expected temperature today is expected to be 14 deg. Don’t forget production of clocks is within two hours of clocking. All the best to everyone.

The co-ordinates for this race are:

Latitude:   -36   21   34            Longitude:    144   43   8.5





The winner of our first race of the season was the Saggers Brothers from the Yarraville club.  John and Allan clocked a Blue Bar cock at 12.58.06 pm, giving them a flying time of 2 hours, 28 minutes, 8 seconds and a winning velocity of 1100.01. On behalf of all the members, we congratulate them both on their win.



IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL FLYERS FLYING WITH THE WPF IN THE                                                    2017 SEASON :

Due to the Rota Virus situation, there will not be a National race between the Federations this season, therefore we have delayed the start of our season until 8th of July, 2017.  (not the 7th as I put in my recent text…my bad, sorry!)












The winner of the 2016  Breeders Plate race is J & L Shore of the Greater Melbourne Federation.  John and Linda won the Breeders Plate race by clocking a yearling Blue Bar Hen in 7 hours 26 minutes and 44 seconds, giving them a winning velocity of 1482.415 m.p.m.  On behalf of all the members of our Federation we congratulate them on their win.







The winner of the Short Series for 2016, was J & M Portelli of the Altona City Club.  Michael won the Short series by 23 points, with a total pointscore of 286 points.  On behalf of all the members of the Federation we congratulate him on his win.


The winner of the Long and Combined Series, along with the Short Series, is J & M Portelli of the Altona City Club. Michael won the Long series with a total pointscore of 215 points and 502 points for the Combined series.  On behalf of all the members of the Federation, we congratulate him on his win.




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2016 Race Schedule

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Please note: This number is ONLY for the reporting of lost racing pigeons.  If you find a wild pigeon or any other type of bird and are unsure of what to do with it, please contact either the RSPCA or your local veterinary clinic.

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