WPF President Report – 2023

Celebrating a Legacy of Innovation and Unity: President Ray Russell’s Remarkable Era at the Helm of the WPF

Dear Members and Esteemed Partners,

As I pause to reflect on my remarkable journey with the Western Pigeon Federation; 26 years as a devoted board member and the last decade of which I was honoured to serve as your President; I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and pride. This extensive period has been characterised by a shared vision of the relentless pursuit of excellence and an unwavering commitment to our beloved sport and community. Our ascent to the pinnacle of pigeon racing federations in Victoria, and arguably in Australia, is a testament to our collective dedication and the limitless horizons that await us.

Acknowledgment of Our Pillars of Strength

This journey would not have been possible without our board members’ steadfast dedication and expertise: Joe Farrugia, Joe Pulis, Daniel Tenaglia, Shane Mifsud, John Saggers, and Steve Cutajar. Your contributions have been the cornerstone of our federation’s success.

A special note of gratitude to Marc Tenaglia and Christopher Cachia, whose innovative spirit and committed leadership have been instrumental in propelling our federation forward. Your roles as Secretary and Treasurer have been pivotal, guiding the WPF to new heights of achievement and community engagement.

A Tribute to Our Champions and the Future

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to our Average Winners, Federation Winners & Section, and the Bird of the Series awardees. Your exceptional achievements exemplify our federation’s competitive spirit and excellence, inspiring all members to reach new levels of accomplishment.

Our Juniors in the WPF Squeaker Squadron warrant particular recognition for their passion and emerging talent. As the future of pigeon racing, your engagement and enthusiasm promise a vibrant future for our cherished sport.

Celebrating Our Milestones

Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones:

– Adopting electronic clocking with Benzing Vision and Benzing Live is revolutionising our racing processes.
– The launch of the WPF website and Pigeon Net, fostering a connected and informed community.
– Establishing the WPF Squeaker Squadron and the WPF Jubilee, enhancing engagement and celebrating our heritage.
– Significant membership growth, reflecting the burgeoning interest and passion for pigeon racing.
– Strategic advancements, such as acquiring a Prime Mover and integrating handheld GPS devices, underscoring our commitment to innovation.
– The recognition of Mr. M. Portelli as a standout figure in pigeon racing, symbolising the excellence and consistency within our federation.

Gratitude to Our Sponsors and Partners

Our journey has been immensely supported by our sponsors, with a special acknowledgment to Wayne & Donna Harker for their unparalleled service in pigeon race transport over the past decade. Your dedication has been a pillar of our success.

Reflecting on Our Journey and Looking Forward

While we have celebrated numerous successes, we have also faced challenges, such as the PMV outbreak in 2014 and the disruptions caused by COVID-19. These challenges tested our resilience but also showcased our ability to adapt and persevere.

The life ban of a foundation member was a difficult but necessary decision, reminding us of the importance of maintaining integrity and the values we cherish.

A Future Filled with Promise

Looking ahead, I am filled with optimism. The achievements and challenges of my tenure as President and my earlier years on the board are not merely reflections of our past but also the foundation for our future endeavours. Together, we stand on the brink of even greater achievements, driven by the collective efforts of every WPF member, sponsor, and supporter.

I am deeply honoured by the trust and support you have placed in me over these years. Our shared memories, achievements, and challenges will continue to inspire us as we embark on new journeys and reach new heights.

With most profound appreciation and respect,

Ray Russell
President, Western Pigeon Federation

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