Western Pigeon Federation of Victoria Junior Racing Program

Junior Competition.

To qualify as a junior member, you must be a person eighteen (18) years or younger and studying fulltime.

Racing By laws.

  1. 1st year racing up to and including 580km (300-mile) stages with the bonus of Tasmania.
  2. 2nd year racing up to and including 700km (400-mile) stages with the bonus of Tasmania.
  3. 3rd year racing may compete in the whole season.
  4. Juniors cannot race any classic races such as.
    • Margaret Tung Memorial race.
    • C&J Morris 10 bird race.
    • Alison Portelli hens’ race.
    • P O Sullivan Memorial race.
    • Hilary Ashley Sires Produce race.
    • Breeders Plate.
    • National 10 bird.
  5. Juniors can purchase up to 50 current rings brought in their name @ $0.10 cents each registered with an adult’s contact details.
  6. Juniors can acquire an additional 10 current rings by either transfer or squeaker sales.
  7. All pigeons remaining at the end of the season can race again the following year.
  8. All juniors are encouraged to attend basketing nights.
  9. An entry sheet must be produced each week with all the birds’ details on it.
  10. Production of clocks all juniors are encouraged to produce their own clocks each week.
  11. Juniors are unable to donate any of these rings to sales.
  12. Juniors can race a maximum of 15 pigeons per week at no cost.
  13. Juniors will participate in their own section classification [WPF-junior] and cannot take Federation or Section positions in the primary competition.
  14. No points will be allocated to the junior section as the primary objective is to promote, encourage and support the junior competition in building a positive enthusiastic approach to the sport. A winner will be recognised for each race.

The Western Pigeon Federation of Victoria Inc. supports VICSPORT child safety.



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