WPF Board Meeting 13th of July 2015

 In attendance:           R Russell; M Portelli; C Abela; D Vatsakis; C Cachia;  J Farrugia; J Muscat; J Smith; A Papadakis;    J Pulis;   T Holwell and J Angelino

Apologies:  None

President Ray Russell opened the meeting at 7.35 pm.

Previous board minutes were read and received.

Moved:    J Angelino                          Seconded:  J Farrugia

Business arising out of previous meeting:


Previous Special board minutes were read and received.

Moved:    C Cachia                          Seconded:  J Muscat

Correspondence received:

1)         None.

Finance Report:

Finance and Treasury report was read.  All in order. Moved Cachia  Seconded J Muscat.

Federation Scheme Transport costs have now  been calculated and the board have significantly reduced our previous years costs from $260 to:

– Members – $195

– Members who supported the WPF Squeaker sale  – $130

Tassie and National race’s are not part of the Federation scheme

Response to Letters:



General Business

J Angelino moved we hold another Rupanyup on a Sunday and we approach B Borg to use / rent his truck / tossing unit. Seconded C Cachia – 4 in Favour 8 Against

We discussed at great length conducting another Rupanyup and due to logistically reasons it was decided not to hold another race and will be permanently cancelled form the 2015 schedule.

WPF Squeaker Sale will be held on the 8th of January 2016. For members who are unable to attend they can donate pigeons and or nominate ring numbers to Ray Russell.

Club Secretaries are reminded of the following birds per tier.

Basketing Day

Friday 35

Thursday 30

Wednesday 25


Next meeting  10th of August 2015 at 7.30 pm

Meeting closed: 9.05 pm

Ray Russell