ROCHESTER – 24th June, 2023

In today’s race from Rochester.

70 WPF flyers with 2722 birds & 11 GCHC flyers with 269 birds a total of 81 flyers and 2991 birds were released at 9:00am clearing in one group within 2 minutes of liberation.  Conditions at the race point were northly winds and 40% cloud cover.

Due to the forecasted rain which present itself in the line of flight for the birds during the race the birds have been release at 9.00am to give them every opportunity to get home in a safe manner. Winds at the release point at ground level were approx. 18km/hr Northerly with faster speeds expected at higher altitudes. The birds are expected to have wind assisted Northerly’s of b/w 25-45km along their journey home.

Good luck to everyone. 


Truck Unloading Clubs are Deer Park & Sunshine.

Benzing Live Users. Evaluation to be done within 1 hour of clocking.

Production of clocks within 2 hours of clocking [don’t be late].

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