ROCHESTER – 1st July, 2023 [Squeaker Squadron Series Race 1]

In today’s race from Rochester.

67 WPF flyers with 2618 birds & 13 GCHC flyers with 255 birds a total of 80 flyers and 2873 birds were released at 9:30am clearing in one group within 4 minutes of liberation.  Conditions at the race point were light South West winds and patchy blue sky.

Good luck to everyone, especially the kids participating in the first Squeaker Squadron Series race.

Charlie Ciancio, Jackson Hunter, Cutajar Kids, Riely Hunter, Rio Little & Cooper Mayne, Zeeshan & Eliya Hussain, Mia Saggers. 


Truck Unloading Clubs are Yarraville & Williamstown / Newport.

Benzing Live Users. Evaluation to be done within 1 hour of clocking.

Production of clocks within 2 hours of clocking [don’t be late].

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