P. O’Sullivan Memorial – Mildura 2 – 20 August 2022

Birds were liberated at 9.00am

Weather Report

Conditions at the race point.  Approx. 80-90% cloud cover with medium to high cloud cover reducing showing signs of blue sky above in patches.  Wind of WSW between 10-15km//hr.

The winds are expected increase along the way home tending more southerly as the bird approach Melbourne with scattered patches of rain along the journey

Liberation Report

In today’s race from Mildura, approx. 1764 WPF birds competing from 68 lofts, along with around 378 Geelong birds, for a total of 2142 birds were released at 9.00am.

The birds cleared within 3 minutes in one group.

Production of clocks is at 7.00pm.

Benzing Live users’ evaluation around 1 hour of clocking.

Co-ordinates: -34 11 10.32; 142 10 8.72

All the best to all. P O’Sullivan Memorial

Reminder: This week Green Gully is unloading the truck now on Saturday 20 August 2022. Truck Unloading Roster

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