WPF Board Meeting 12th November 2014

 In attendance:           R Russell; M Portelli; B Mizzi; C Abela; D Vatsakis; G Fontana; C Cachia; N Iannazzone; T Abraham; B Mizzi; J Muscat;  J Farrugia;

Apologies:      J Angelino

President Ray Russell opened the meeting at 7.40 pm

Previous minutes were read and received.

Moved:     J Muscat                         Seconded:  D Vatsakis

Correspondence received:

1)       Letter from Yarraville Club Re Long Distance racing.

2)       Letter from Brimbank council.

Moved:     J Farrugia                         Seconded:  G Fontana

Finance Report:

Finance and Treasury report was read. All in order.

Moved: C Cachia                                Seconded: N Iannazzone

Finance Meeting:

Charlie Abela; Chris Cachia and Ray Russell conducted a meeting to review possible cost reduction and no possible solutions were found to reduce costs further without making any changes to the current race schedule. The federation is being run in a very lean manner.

Moved: C Ablea                                 Seconded: C Cachia

All in favor

 Response to letters:

1)      Points noted in designing 2015 race schedule.

2)      Ray will attend meeting with Brimbank council on the 25/11/14

All correspondence:

Moved: C Cachia                                Seconded M Portelli

General Business

Draft Race Schedule for 2015

The two main issues the board was trying to resolve with our 2015 race schedule is:

–          Try and avoid the bad weather at the start of the year; Fog over cast days etc.

–          Try and avoid the bad weather at the end of the year; Heat etc.

From the hours of debate the following was formulated for further discussion etc:








27-06-2014 Rupanyup 225Kms Friday $1.00 10.00am $5.50
04-7-2014 Rupanyup 225Kms Friday $1.00 10.00am $5.50
11-7-2014 Rupanyup 225Kms Friday $1.00 10.00am $5.50
18-7-2014 Kaniva 350Kms Friday $1.00 09.00am $5.50
26-7-2014 Kaniva 350Kms Friday $1.00 09.00am $5.50
01-8-2014 Kaniva 350Kms Friday $1.00 09.00am $5.50
01-8-2014 Kaniva  C&J Morris 10 bird 350Kms Friday $3.00 09.00am $5.50
08-8-2014 Tintinara 475Kms Thursday $1.50 08.00am $5.50
15-8-2014 Tintinara   P O’Sullivan 475Kms Thursday $3.00 08.00am $5.50
22-8-2014 Tintinara 475Kms Thursday $1.50   8.00am $5.50
29-8-2014 Murray Bridge 580Kms Thursday $2.00   7.00am $5.50
06-9-2014 Murray Bridge   Produce 475Kms Thursday $3.00   7.00am $5.50
12-9-2014 Murray Bridge 475Kms Thursday $2.00   7.00am $5.50
13-9-2014 Murray Bridge WPF BREEDERS PLATE 590Kms Friday ——   7.00am ——-
19-9-2014 Morgan 620Kms Thursday $2.00   Early $5.50
26-9-2014 Morgan 620Kms Thursday $2.00   Early $5.50
03-10-2014 Carrieton 860Kms Wednesday $3.00 Early $5.50
10-10-2014 Tasmania 450Kms Wednesday $3.00 Early $5.50
10-10-2014 Morgan    National 620Kms Thursday $7.00 Early ——-
17-10-2014 Bookaloo 940Kms Wednesday $4.00 Early $5.50


WPF rooms lease renewal.

Brimbank council provided a new lease with a 3 X 3 year option. All were in favour to renew the lease.

The Wageningen research report. & Modern Pigeon Transport – Studies and Recommendations

The board are to consider the above studies for future transport of our birds in the next meeting.

Board Member Qualification

To be a qualified board member;  a member must have 3 years flying experience under the WPF rather than the current 1 year and must be a flying member.

Moved: C Abela                     Seconded: G Fontana

8 members for;  2 against

Race Results for 2013.

Secretaries are reminded to update their respective clubs 2013 results in our old race results system so fliers can be issued with diplomas for 2013.


Our next meeting board meeting is scheduled for the 8th of December 2014 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed: 9.50pm

Ray Russell