WPF Board Meeting 12th of May 2015

 In attendance:           R Russell; M Portelli; C Abela; D Vatsakis; C Cachia;  J Farrugia; J Muscat; J Smith; A Papadakis; T Holwell; and J Angelino

Apologies:     J Pulis

President Ray Russell opened the meeting at 7.30 pm.

Previous board minutes were read and received.

Moved:    C Cachia                          Seconded:  J Muscat

Business arising out of previous meeting:

A conveyor has been appointed. John Tung was awarded the role given his previous experience carting birds for the WPF. Moved M Portelli Seconded J Muscat.

Members are reminded to call Pauline Pulis on her new dedicated mobile number. Please refrain form using her personal home numbers for any WPF business.

New phone number for reporting lost birds is 0427 467 011.


Correspondence received:

1)         Deer Park Club / J Spiteri lodged a letter seeking clarification on ETS and electronic pad placement.

2)         J Angelino has requested for 2 lofts to be registered from his address for the 2015 flying season.

3)          Application for membership received from C Camilleri & Ivan Fonti to be members of the Deer Park Club

Moved: C Cachia Seconded : J Muscat


Finance Report:

Finance and Treasury report was read. Moved C Cachia Seconded M Portelli.

Response to Letters:

1)              The placement of ETS was discussed at length at this meeting in line with previous extensive deliberation in August BOM 2014. This racing by – law was amended in August 2014 to provide a fair and equitable playing filed for all members. The rule was updated from its initial inception in 2005. Rule 13.9 reads:

Amendment   reads:  Electronic pads must be underneath the common roof line and built into the face wall of the loft. The sensors / antennas of an EBSS must be within the entrance of the loft.

(This includes an entry into the face wall of the loft, as long as it is considered the entrance.)

Time does not permit any changes to this by law in 2015 racing season.

2)          Joe  Angelino has been approved to race under 2 lofts in 2015. Loft 1 will be called J Angelino; Loft 2 Blackmore Lofts – Flier – Miss Carlene Clark & Chris Penza

3)          Application accepted for membership – C Camilleri & Ivan Fonti to be members of the Deer Park Club. Welcome to the WPF.

Moved: C Cachia Seconded :M Portelli: All in favor

General Business

C Abela reminded all members who have outstanding accounts in particular breeders plate money to finalise their account so he can reconcile affairs and determine costs and prize money.

He also asked all clubs to have their accounts in order after the last race, so prize money can be paid and distributed at our annual dinner dance on the 27th of November.


Reminder for all members who intend on racing in 2015 to complete the following forms:

– Renewal Members hip form with updated mobile phone numbers for SMS

– Ring Registration

– Statutory Declaration your birds have been inoculated for PMV

WPF Social Barbeque to be held 20th of June 2015 starting at 4 pm. Free for all members and other members who transport there birds on our truck.

Reminder to all outside clubs if you need to contact the WPF rooms on race day please call Ray Russell mobile phone:  0418 553 431


First aid box is currently being re stocked. For any members who has safety accreditation please make themselves known to Ray Russell and other members.

Speed limit in the WPF car park is 5 klm. Please keep to limits etc.

2016 WPF Breeders Plate

It was moved by C Abela that the 2016 Breeders Plate on the line of flight be offered a GUARANTEED FIRST PRIZE of $30,000 and 60% of prize money would be allocated to the Flier and 40% to the Breeder. Breeder’s will now have the advantage of entering up to 15 birds per sale. Seconded M Portelli.


Next meeting  15th of June 2015 at 7.30 pm

Meeting closed: 10.15 pm

Ray Russell