March 2014 B.O.M Minutes

Published March 15, 2014 | By Ray Russell

WPF Board Meeting 4th March 2014


In attendance:

R Russell

M Portelli

J Angelino

B Mizzi

C Abela

J Farrugia

T Abraham

D Vatsakis

J Muscat

G Fontana

N Iannazzone

C Cachia



President Ray Russell opened the meeting at 7.30 pm

Previous minutes were read and received.

Moved:        J. Farrugia

Seconded:    G. Fontana


President:  Mr. R Russell  ph: 0418 553 431 email:

Vice President:  Mr. J. Farrugia

Moved:      C. Abela

Seconded:  M. Portelli

Junior Vice President:   J. Angelino

Moved:        J. Muscat

Seconded:   D. Vatsakis

Secretary:  Mr. M. Portelli, 13 Kookaburra St, Altona, 3018   ph:   9315 0212      email:

Assistant Secretary: Mr C Cachia      Ph 0418 360 771 email:

Moved:     C. Abela

Seconded: J. Angelino

Treasurer:  Mr. C. Abela

Ring Secretary:  Mrs. Pauline Pulis, 86 Esmond Street, Ardeer, 3022.  ph:  9352 4815

Chronometer Marshall:   G. Fontana

Chronometer Marshall Assistant:   C Abela

Moved:      J. Muscat

Seconded: C. Abela

Property Officer:  D. Vatsakis

Moved:       J. Muscat

Seconded:   J. Angelino

Chief conveyer:  Mr. J. Calleja

Liberation/results ph service:  1900 916 080

The following members were nominated an accepted the roles of the Liberation Committee:

1st in Charge – M Portelli

2nd in Charge – D Vatsakis

If in disagreement 3rd in charge will decide – R Russell

Moved: R Russell

Seconded: N Iannazzone

If adverse weather presents itself the following will apply.

Two liberation members 1st and 2nd in charge must agree to either liberate or postpone or cancel the race. Basketing for a  race can be cancelled anytime up and till the day of basketing with members being informed by:

  • Text message to a fliers nominated mobile number
  •  Posted on our web site

This only applies when WPF are liberating by themselves.

Its is envisaged for members with out a mobile phone number  that members use the WPF web site for notifications.

Motion carried and agreed by all members.

Race Points will only be moved due to logistical reasons e.g.  Roads are flooded. If a race point is moved it will be done in the line of flight and of course common sense and the utmost care will be provided to our pigeons.

Motion carried and agreed by all members.

Main Chrom to be set at 6.45 pm in the Board Room at WPF Rooms, Carrington Drive, Sunshine.

Motion carried and agreed by all members.


A letter was received by J Angelino to confirm he will maintain the same prices for photos of our federation winners and he also provided  the service of confirming the federation winner.

Moved: J Muscat Seconded: G Fontana

General Business

Ray Russell would like to share the work around various board members by creating sub committees and exploring opportunities for growth and transparency:

Expenditure Committee

C Abela

T Abraham

C Cachia

Health & Safety Committee


G Angelino

D Vatsakis

G Fontana

Constitution Rules Committee

R Russell

C Cachia

It is envisaged these members will organise themselves and provide a preliminary  report prior to our next meeting.


Clubs and Secretaries

Please provide a list of all flying members and your office bearers at your earliest convenience.

Please ensure to add ALL members current details…including:  Name, Loft number, address, mobile phone numbers and email address. Please note if it is a new member or change of address that will require new co-ordinates.

It is the preference that all letters by members and their clubs is received by email. Please email all correspondence to:

Secretary: M Portelli:

Subsequent Board meeting is scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the Month starting at 7.30pm


Ray handed out a Questionnaire to the board members asking for feedback on the following:

  •  What do we do well?
  •  What don’t we do well?

He encouraged members to assist with their input on formulating the following:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Core Values
  • Strategic Priority 1:
  • Strategic Priority 2:
  • Strategic Priority 3:

Please have these completed by the next meeting on the 14th of April 2014.

Meeting closed: 10.30pm

Ray Russell


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