Board of Management (BOM) Meeting Minutes – July 2012





Tuesday 3rd July, 2012.

In Attendance:

F. Lia M.Portelli

T. Abraham M. Bennett

D. Vatsakis A. Papadakis

J. Angelino H. Smith

C. Bonnici J. Farrugia

C. Abela M. Ciancio

President Mr. F. Lia opened the meeting at 7.50pm.

Previous Minutes:

Minutes from the June Board Meeting were read and received.

Moved: M. Bennett Seconded by: C. Bonnici


Letter One:

Letter Two:

Letter Three:

Letter Four:

Treasurers’ Report: N/A

General Business:

Item One:

Letter One: Noted

Letter Two: Noted

Letter Three: Noted 2


MINUTES JULY 2012 p.2.

Letter Four: Noted

Moved: C. Abela Seconded by: A. Papadakis

Item Two:

Members leaving the W.P.F. to fly with another organization, and then wanting to rejoin the W.P.F. in following seasons, may incur a $100 re-joining fee. This is not, in ANY way, a revenue raising effort, rather an attempt to try and limit members leaving the W.P.F. and to try and protect our current membership. This motion is to be placed on the agenda at the next AGM.

Moved: C. Abela Seconded by: F. Lia

Item Three:

Members are reminded to please abide by the W.P.F. Code of Practice that is in place, regarding Loft conditions, open lofting birds all day and any other situations which may cause neighbor complaints and ultimately, local council attention.

Moved: M. Portelli Seconded by: J. Farrugia

Item Four:

When room permits, if Clubs choose to do so, the bottom tier of the units may be left empty, in an attempt to try and protect the birds from hitting the ground during liberation. Our birds have to travel long distances and many hours on the wing. So if small differences can be made, in order to try and prevent damage occurring, it is in the birds’ best interest, and ultimately, our members best interests.

Moved: M. Portelli Seconded by: M. Ciancio

Meeting Closed at 10.40pm

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