WPF Board Meeting 14th July 2014

 In attendance:           R Russell; M Portelli; B Mizzi; C Abela; ; D Vatsakis; J Muscat; G Fontana; J Angelino; J Farrugia; C Cachia.

Apologies:     N Iannazzone and T Abraham.

President Ray Russell opened the meeting at 7.35 pm

Previous minutes were read and received.

Moved:     D Vatsakis                         Seconded:  J. Muscat

Correspondence received:

1)    Ray Armstrong of the Bendigo City Homing Club would like to transport their birds with us to the Tasmania race in Yolla for 2014.

2)   C Bonnici of Altona City Pigeon club would like to have a hard copy of results provided to members and he would like all race results checked by an official, not just the first 30 birds.

3)   Altona City Homing club has advised of a new member who will be racing in 2015:

Jack Zheng Jing.

Finance Report:

Finance and Treasury report was read. All in order.

Moved: B Mizzi                            Seconded: M Portelli


 Response to letters:

1)  Approved.

2)  Members are encouraged to use the internet. No hard copies will be provided other than an annual year book. Results are entered by the clubs nominated member who is part of their respective clock committee. Clubs are encouraged to provide a result to their members first for a self audit. Subsequently all results are verified and checked by the president with 14 days.

The BOM will post hard copies in the Federation rooms of all results and other news items.

3) Noted.

All correspondence Moved: Cachia Seconded M Portelli

Electronic Chip Rings and Clocks

An allegation was made that Vision electronic chip rings can be duplicated. The board deliberated at length and we ran a sample race test using a copied ring and an original ring. It was established that the Vision clock security system worked very well leaving no doubt of possible cheating using copied rings.

The rumour and allegation is totally unfounded in any fact what so ever.

Thanks to M Portelli; Des Vatsakis  Ray Russell and C.Abela for taking the time to test the security of Vision electronic clocks.

Rules and Conditions of Installation and use of Electronic Band Scanning systems.

Given in the previous board meeting on the 10th of December 2013 advising  members that there electronic sensor pads  must be on the inside of the loft was made in error,  the board discussed the merits at  a lengthy debate and have confirmed the following rule change.

Change form:

13.9 Every EBSS sensor antenna must be installed within the confines of the competitor’s loft. And must be under the common roof line. The sensor / antennas of an EBSS must be within the entrance of the loft.

 Change to:  (word added – “wholly”)

13.9 Every EBSS sensor antenna must be installed wholly within the confines of the competitor’s loft. And must be under the common roof line. The sensor / antennas of an EBSS must be within the entrance of the loft.

Moved C Abela                                    Seconded B Mizzi Motion                           Carried 5 FOR 4 AGAINST.

The board notes that the above change is to provide clarification and certainty for all members with electronic clocks.

This definition also brings our definition in line with the VHA.

Ray Russell our president will verify the locations of all sensor pads throughout the year and provide recommendations to the member (if any needed) to meet the above definition.

Changes can be delayed for the start of the 2015 racing season to allow members to make changes in a orderly manner.

Transport for 2014 race season.

VRPU have approached us to cart their pigeons for the reminder of the season. Ray will discuss with their respective management.

First Aid Box

Will be re stocked in the Sunshine rooms. Outside clubs are encouraged to also get their first aid box up to date.

Life Rings – First 100

Will be auctioned on the basketing night of 25th of July for any interested members.

General Business

Race Fees for 2014 season.

Given our current members and participation from Geelong and VRPU federations the treasurer has determined that we are able to maintain our competitive pricing as the 2013 race season.

Race fees will be kept at $260 per member.

Note this does not include the National Race which is self supporting.

Lost Birds Phone number 03 9363 3094

The cost to maintain this phone number is becoming rather expensive. As such Chris Cachia will investigate other options for Pauline Pulis our Ring secretary.

It is envisaged that the above number will be kept in the interim being replaced with a new mobile number. The above land line number will be diverted to our  new mobile number.

This allows the ring secretary work to be carried out more efficiently.

Life Race Rings for 2015

Members who are interested in purchasing ICON electronic life rings are advised to place their interest in writing to the board. It is envisaged if only a small number of fliers wish to purchase these rings they will need to place a non refundable deposit.

Top Fliers Forum

The board will be applying to the council for a grant to support a seminar inviting top fliers from around Australia to share in their racing knowledge ; support and promote the support the sport of pigeon racing  in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

Squeaker Sale

The board will run a Squeaker sale, were members are encouraged to donate birds to encourage further friendship plus help reduce our ever rising costs.

Members who support the sale will get a discount off  their race fees.

Sale date undecided.

Liberation announcements.

Michael and Allison Portelli will update web sites of liberation details outlining how many fliers are participating in the race.

Chris Cachia will send a text message of the above liberation to any member who has a mobile phone for both WPF and Geelong members.

Race Results.

Loft number will be removed from our results. Secretaries are encouraged to use the “did not trap” function to show a true result.

Race Results for 2013.

Secretaries are reminded to update their respective clubs 2013 results in our old race results system so fliers can be issued with diplomas for 2013.


Feedback from members who participated in the BBQ was; GREAT; Good fun atmosphere…..great start to the year…awesome food. The WPF has a new feel. Can’t wait to start racing!

Our next meeting board meeting is scheduled for the 11th of August 2014 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed: 10.05pm

Ray Russell