HILLSTON – 2nd September, 2023

In todays Hillston.

Approximately 62 WPF flyers with 1358 birds & 10 GCHC flyers with 136 birds a total of 72 flyers and 1494 birds were released at 8.20am.

The birds were released into an easterly wind of between 4-8km/hr with clear blue skys.  The birds left the unit in one straight line zigzagging for home and were out of sight within a blink of an eyelid.

Production of clocks is by 7.00pm [don’t be late].



Truck Unloading Clubs are Melton & Werribee, https://wpf.org.au/2023-unloading-roster-clubs

Benzing Live Users. Evaluation to be done by 6pm [atleast 1 hour before production].


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