DENILIQUIN – 22nd July, 2023 (CCA Financial Planning)

DENILIQUIN – 22nd July, 2023 proudly sponsored by CCA Financial Planning.

In today’s race from Deniliquin.

71 WPF flyers with 2744 birds & 11 GCHC flyers with 222 birds a total of 82 flyers and 2966 birds were released at 10.15am. 

At the release point it was light cloud, with blue skys in the distance and approx. 5km NW winds. The birds cleared within 1-2 minutes of release for the trip home. 


Truck Unloading Clubs are Deer Park & Sunshine,

Benzing Live Users. Evaluation to be done within 1 hour of clocking.

Production of clocks within 2 hours of clocking [don’t be late].

CCA Financial Planners

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