December B.O.M. Minutes




Tuesday 10th December 2013

Members Present:

F. Lia D. Vatsakis

M. Portelli C. Abela

G. Fontana J. Farrugia

J. Angelino B. Mizzi


T. Abraham A. Papadakis

C. Bonnici M. Ciancio

President Mr. F. Lia opened the meeting at 8 pm.

Previous Minutes:

Minutes from the November Board meeting were read and received.

Moved: C. Abela

Seconded: B. Mizzi

Business Arising from previous minutes:

Secretaries please notify Treasurer C. Abela if you have not received the Vaccine trial refund.

Re: Deer Park clubs’ request for an additional Tasmania race for 2014. Board to discuss at next meeting.

Treasurers Report:

Read and received.

Moved: J. Farrugia

Seconded: G. Fontana



General Business:

All Members are reminded that the antenna (pads), for the electronic timing system MUST be on the inside of the confines of the loft.

Lofts will be randomly checked on race days throughout the season and any member found to have the electronic pads on the outside of the confines of the loft, which contravenes the laws of the WPF, will be disqualified for the remainder of the season and no money/prizes won during that season will be paid.

Meeting closed at 10.30 pm.

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