WPF Board Meeting 8th December 2014

 In attendance:           R Russell; M Portelli; C Abela; D Vatsakis; C Cachia;  J Farrugia and J Angelino

Apologies:     B Mizzi;  N Iannazzone; T Abraham; J Muscat; G Fontana

President Ray Russell opened the meeting at 7.45 pm

Previous minutes were read and received.

Moved:    J Farrugia                          Seconded:  J Angelino

Correspondence received:

1)       Application for new membership – Tenaglia Bros.

2)       Letter from Charlie Bonnici – Transport of birds and Federation average calculation.

3)        Letter from Christopher Cachia re Wageningen Report and its findings

Moved:     J Farrugia                         Seconded:  M Portelli

Finance Report:

Finance and Treasury report was read. All in order.

Moved: C Cachia                                Seconded: J Farrugia

 Response to letters:

1)      Application accepted.

CARRIED: All in Favour.

2)      Points noted and Race scheduled has been finalised for 2015 with your ideas in mind. Federation average calculation will be looked at with our computer programmer were winner gets 1 point and last position will get 80 points assuming there are 80 fliers at the start of the season.

Moved: C Cachia                    Seconded: J Angelino

CARRIED: 5 For 2 Against

3) Wageningen Report outcomes showed 2 main points for the WPF consideration:

A) Young birds which do not have basket experience are unable to find water so it was suggested to resolve this that we start training our birds earlier by basketing on Thursday night from 300klm and greater.

Moved: C Cachia                    Seconded: J Angelino

DECLINED.  2 For 5 Against

B) Second point the Wageningen Report showed was that if you allowed a gap of greater than 5 cm between baskets you significantly improved air circulation which in turn reduces heat exhaustion whilst being transported. It was agreed by all members that for all races baskets will be loaded with drinkers either side of the basket.

Moved: C Cachia                                Seconded: M Portelli

CARRIED –  All in Favor.

General Business

In 2015 we will celebrate finish off the year with a WPF dinner dance on Friday the 27th of November 2015. Each member will receive a complimentary ticket as part of their yearly membership. Venue and costs for partners and guests to be advised in due course.

Our new lease has a restriction that we need a Liquor license to serve alcohol. As we don’t hold this license all alcohol can longer be consumed on the WPF premises.

Trailer floor is in need of repair. Lawry Formosa has been asked to quote and repair the damages.

Ray Russell will investigate solutions to improve the floor (reduce dust ); lighting and a wireless PA system to improve communication.

Pigeon Radio; run by Ivan Fonti – Melton Pigeon Club on 99.3 FM Phone 9740 4910


Eastern Standard Time. Start 4 pm finish 6 pm

Squeaker Sale – For the promotion of pigeon racing in Victoria

Two year old’s will be accepted for stock. Top fliers will donate pigeons.

Contact M Portelli of J Farrugia  for details

Will be held 22/2/15 – VRPU rooms Birds entered form 11 am Auction at 1 pm

R Russell will investigate refrigerating the water we provide our birds whilst being transported.

Race Results for 2013.

Secretaries are reminded to update their respective clubs 2013 results in our old race results system so fliers can be issued with diplomas for 2013.


Our next meeting board meeting is scheduled for the 19th of January 2015 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed: 10.45pm

Ray Russell