Coombah 1 – 3 September 2022

Birds were liberated at 7.20am

Weather Report

Conditions at the race point.  Clear blue sky and little wind.

The winds are expected to remain predominately southerly the whole way home varying b/w 10-20km/hr.

Liberation Report

In today’s race from Coombah approx. 1800 WPF birds competing from 70 lofts, along with around 300 Geelong & 1038 VRPU birds, for a total of 3,138 birds were released at 7.20am.

The bird formed one group and cleared within 3 minutes heading along the freeway home.

Production of clocks is at 7.00pm or two hours from clocking if clocking after 5pm.

Benzing Live users remember to evaluate within 1 hours of clocking.

Co-ordinates: -32 58 47.89; 141 37 22.58

All the best to all.  Coombah – 3 September 2022

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