In todays’ race from Cobar 05/10/2013, 919 WPF birds competing from 52 lofts along with 919 Geelong , 825 VRPU & app. 800 GMPF  birds, for a total of 2736 birds were released at 6.45 am.   Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with little to no wind.  Upon release the birds left the race point as one group in two minutes.

For the trip home the birds are expected to encounter North to North Westerly winds of 15-30 km p/h, with winds easing and shifting South Westerly later in the day.  Top temperature expected in Victoria today is 25 degrees.


As we are now racing from 400 miles, two birds may be clocked and production of clocks is now at 8 pm.

Good Luck to all.

For the Geelong Federation, the co-ordinates are:

Longitude:     -31,         30,         13.2

Latitude:        145,         50,         10.3