COBAR NATIONAL – 14th October, 2023

In todays race the “VICTORIAN COBAR NATIONAL”.

Transportation for the COBAR National has been sponsored by the Yarraville Racing Pigeon Club Inc.

The ANRPB will be awarding $250 in prize money to the 1st place winners in each of the WPF, VRPU, GMPF & VHA for the Cobar National to be presented at the Victorian Racing Pigeon Convention Saturday night dinner 25 November 2023.

WPF – 43 flyers with 375 birds,  VPRU – 39 flyers with 338 birds, VHA – 55 flyers with 451, GMPF – 48 flyers with 403, & VPO – 5 flyers with 28 birds,  totalling 190 flyers with 1595 birds.

Birds, we’re up at 7:15am into beautiful blue skies no wind at race point. The birds left in three minutes heading straight for home in one big line.

Two bird clocking with production at 8.00pm on the night or 6.00pm Sunday night. 

Reminder, Truck Unloading Clubs are Deer Park & Sunshine.


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