COBAR – 4th November, 2023

4 November 2023.

In todays race from Cobar. 28 WPF flyers with 424 birds, 36 VRPU flyers with 368 birds, 6 GCHC flyers with 48 birds and 15 GMPF flyers with 150 birds totalling 85 flyers and 990 birds were released at 6.40am.

The birds broke into 2 groups, the first group headed off in 1 minutes and the second group of approximately 100 birds left in 3 minutes in the same direction heading for home.

Production is at 8pm Sat. or 7pm Sun.
Reminder, Truck Unloading Clubs are Melton & Werribee.

2 November 2023.

For those participating in this weekends race it will be from Cobar.

31 October 2023.

Basketing will as normal on Wednesday 1 October 2023.

Due to varying wind and temperature forecasts out in the north-east there is a possibility a 600M race may occur.  As a worse case the race may be bought back to either a 500M or 400M race point.  This decision will be made over the next few days once the weather forecast is more stable and accurate.

Barringun – 4th November 2023

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