In todays’ race from Carrieton, 10/11/2012, 1,096 WPF, 640 VRPU, 624 Greater Melbourne and 247 Geelong birds, (for a total of 2,607 birds), were released at 7 am.  Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with 15 km/p/h Southeasterly winds..  Upon release,  the first group of over 2,000 birds left the race point within 2 minutes, the second group of app. 200 birds left the race point after 6 minutes, with only six birds remaining.  For the journey home the birds are expected to encounter light South to Southeasterly winds.  Maximum temperatures expected in Victoria today are between 20 – 25 deg. Best wishes to all.


**Please remember production of clocks is at 8 pm, or if clocking after 8 pm, within an hour and a half of clocking.  If the race is still open tomorrow, production of clocks is at 7 pm Sunday night.**


Co-ordinates for Carrieton are:

Latitude:        -32,                 38,               33.0

Longitude:    138,                  35,              55.9