In todays’ race from Bourke 26/10/2013, 761 WPF birds along with 179 Geelong, 649  VRPU, 674  GMPF and 250 Gippsland birds, (a total of 2513 birds)  were released at 7 am.  Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with no wind.  Upon release approx 2000 birds left the race point within four minutes. Approximately 350 birds left after ten minutes leaving 30-40 birds still circling the truck after 10 minutes.

For the long trip home the birds are expected to encounter light South Easterly winds shifting to South Westerly and increasing to 15-20 km p/h in the early afternoon.  Top temperature expected in NSW today is 28 degrees and in Victoria 18 degrees.

Don’t forget production of clocks if clocking today is at 8 pm or if the birds do not arrive until tomorrow, clock production is at 7 pm on Sunday night.

Good luck to all.

For the Geelong Federation the co-ordinates are:

Longitude:    -30,    01,     47.2

Latitude:        145,     59,    57