Board of Management (BOM) Meeting Minutes – June 2012




Tuesday 5th June, 2012

In Attendance:

A.Papadakis D. Vatsakis

J.Farrugia F.Lia

J. Angelino C. Bonnici

M. Bennett M. Ciancio

H. Smith M. Portelli

C. Abela


T. Abraham

President Mr. F. Lia opened the meeting at 7.30 pm.

Previous Minutes:

Minutes from the May Board meeting read and received.

Letter two from May B.O.M. from Mario Xuereb:

No trainers will be allowed on the truck for the Breeders Plate race or any other race, as per W.P.F. Rule Book

Moved: J. Farrugia Seconded by: J. Angelino


Letter One: Yarraville Homing Club re: application from Albert Bell of the Sunshine Club to join Yarraville Club. Clearance from

Sunshine Club granted.

Letter Two: Yarraville Homing Club re: objection to the $20 levy members are to pay to cover $1500 donation to the PMV1 trials.

Letter Three: Yarraville Homing Club re Don Griffith now flying in partnership with Les Staehr from Cameron Ave, Altona Meadows.

Letter Four: Werribee Homing Club re leaving the W.P.F. to fly with the VPO Fed for the 2012 season.

Letter Five: A & D Maclean re notification of all birds being inoculated for the PMV1 virus and $20 toward the W.P.F.’s donation

For the PMV1 trials.

General Business:

Item One:

Letter One: Noted 2


Letter Two: The Board has thought carefully about the $1500 that was paid toward the PMV1 trials being levied to the flyers and

appreciate that the cost of flying pigeons is expensive. We believe however, that it is in the members’ best long term

interest to pay $20 each now, thereby maintaining a responsible Federation bank balance, while we still have a

reasonable number of members, rather than diminish the money we have at present and have to charge members

much more substantial fees to cover running costs of the federation in the future. Without doubt member numbers will

continue to decrease going by the trend of pigeon racing over the years. We therefore believe that the $1500 should

and will be levied to this years’ flying members and next years’ new and returning members at a rate of $20 each.

Letter Three: Noted

Letter Four: Noted

Letter Five: The Board would like to thank Alan and Darren Maclean for their ongoing support of membership and their $20 donation

toward the PMV1 trial, even though they are no longer flying members.

Moved: J. Farrugia Seconded by: J. Angelino

Item Two:

All members intending to fly the 2012 racing season MUST notify their Club Secretary by the 21st of June. We have already asked Club

Secretaries to comply with this, so please do so by the due date. Thankyou.

Moved: M. Portelli Seconded by: M.Ciancio

Item Three:

W.P.F. Federation winner photo’s to be done by J. Angelino for the 2012 race Season.

Moved: F.Lia Seconded by: M.Portelli

Item Four:

Moved: C. Bonnici Seconded J. Angelino that a tribunal be re-instated to oversee certain disputes. Declined???

Item Five:

Basketing at main centre to be carried out as individual clubs. Clubs having six or less members will basket with another club to try and improve efficiency on basketing nights.

Moved: M. Bennett Seconded by: M. Ciancio

Meeting closed 10.30 pm. 3 4

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