WPF Board Meeting 13th April 2015

 In attendance:           R Russell; M Portelli; C Abela; D Vatsakis; C Cachia;  J Farrugia; J Muscat; J Smith; A Papadakis; T Holwell; and J Angelino

Apologies:     J Pulis

President Ray Russell opened the meeting at 8.05 pm.

Previous board minutes were read and received.

Moved:    J Farrugia                          Seconded:  J Angelino

Business arising out of previous meeting:

A conveyor is required to assist in transport  and care of birds throughout the racing season.

Brimbank council network meeting went well. The council require a business plan from the WPF which Ray Russell is compiling with assistance from various members.

A roster has been issued for unloading of race baskets from the truck after each race. Units have to be unloaded no later than the Tuesday following Saturdays race. For keys please contact Joe Muscat on 0420 621 341. Each club secretary has been given a roster.

New phone number for reporting lost birds is 0427 467 011.

Our end of year Dinner Dance has been booked with Lakeside Receptions and Ivan Fonti will providing the entertainment. You can hear Ivan live each and every week on Pigeon Radio 99.3 FM Phone 9740 4910 or you can listen afterwards on the web:


Eastern Standard Time. Start 4 pm finish 6 pm

All paid members for 2015 will get a free ticket to the event. For any guests the price of ticket is $60 per head. You will receive a 3 course meal with beer and wine.

Seats are limited so be quick to get your tickets.

Correspondence received:

1)         Altona City Club has 3 new members joining;  Smith & Henry; Jing Zheng; Clint Elso. This has been noted.

2)         J Angelino has provide a tender to take photos of our Federation Winning birds for the sum of $60 per photo.

Moved: C Cachia Seconded : J Muscat


Finance Report:

Finance and Treasury report was not  read. C Abela will provide at the  next board meeting.

General Business

C Abela reminded all members who have outstanding accounts in particular breeders plate money to finalise their account so he can reconcile affairs and determine costs and prize money.

He also asked all clubs to have their accounts in order after the last race, so prize money can be paid and distributed at our annual dinner dance on the 27th of November.

Geelong federations have confirmed they will using our transport facilities in 2015 and thanked the WPF board and members for their continued support over the years.

It was moved by J Angelino that the WPF offer a Junior racing season in 2015. Seconded: J Muscat

It will comprise and held in conjunction with the WPF first 5 races. A 10 bird limit has been set with 30 birds being registered to the Junior.

There are no fees and separate results will be posted for the Junior on our web site. It will established and run as a separate section with its own 5 week average.

There are no fees and as such No prize money, just pure fun with Dad! This is in line with the WPF proactively promoting the sport and remembering to have fun again.

These registered birds to the Junior cannot take a federation spot. The Junior member is required to attend basket nights and are to be in separate baskets to Dads birds.

Joe Angelino moved that the first race Rupanyup will be nominated as a ladies race. T Holwell suggested this could be called the Margret Tung Memorial Ladies Race.  Moved C Cachia Seconded T Holwell.


Next meeting  11th of May 2015 at 7.30 pm

Meeting closed: 9.45pm

Ray Russell