In todays’ race from Mt. Hope, 28/09/2013,  the WPF,  VRPU, GMPF and Geelong Federations released app.2700 pigeons at 7am.  Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with app 15km p/h Westerly winds.  Upon release the birds broke into three separate groups leaving all together within five minutes.

For the trip home the birds are expected to encounter Westerly winds of between 25-45 km p/h most of the way home.  In the afternoon closer to Melbourne, the Westerly winds are predicted to ease to 15-20km p/h.  Top temperature expected in Melbourne today is 16 degrees.

Remember production of clocks is within an hour and a half of clocking.

Good luck to all.

For the Geelong federation the co-ordinates are the same as the past two Mt. Hope races:

Longitude:  -32,     50,      32.7

Latitude:     145,       52,      39.2