In todays’ race from Renmark, 20/10/2012, 1284  WPF birds, app. 700 Greater Melbourne birds and 285 Geelong birds (for a total of 2269 birds), were released at 7.30 am.   Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with light winds.  Upon release, all birds cleared in one group, within two minutes.  For the journey home birds will encounter West/Southwesterley winds of 15-20 km/p/h, tending light South/Southwesterley  in the afternoon.   Maximum temperatures expected in Victoria today range from between 19-28 degrees.   Best wishes to all.

Please remember that clock production is at 7pm tonight.

For the outside Federations the co-ordinates are the same as last week:

Latitude::        -34,           11,           04.5

Longtitude:      140,         47,           53.1