In todays’ race from Hay, 10/08/2013, 1765 WPF birds competing from 62 lofts and 544 Geelong birds were released at 8.30 am.  Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with light South to South Westerly winds.  In two minutes, the birds had cleared the race point, leaving in one group.                            .

For the trip home winds are expected to continue light South Westerly, changing and increasing to Westerly winds of between 15-20 km p/h.  Top temperature expected in Melbourne today is 16 degrees.

Remember production of clocks is one and a half hours after clocking.

Good luck.

For the Geelong federation, the co-ordinates are the same as last week.

Longitude:            -34,         33,      36.1

Latitude:                144,        50,       7.8