In today’s race from Birchip, 18/08/2012,   1767  WPF birds and 413 Geelong birds were released at 9.30am.  Upon release birds left the race point within four minutes.  Conditions at the race point were fine and clear with 15 knot SouthWesterly winds.

On the way home, birds will encounter SouthWesterly winds of approximately 20-25 knots, with some rain expected closer to home. The top temperature expected is 15 deg.

Remember production of clocks is within an hour and a half of clocking.

Good luck to all.

For the Geelong Federation:  The co-ordinates for this week are the same as the first Birchip.

Longtitude:       -35,             58,            50.4

Latitude:           142,             55               18.9