06.11.2023 – Prize Money – North Track 2023 – Total

Congratulations to all the winners in 2023, where we saw a significant uplift in prize money from last year, given we completed our overdue Breeders Plate, which has been held back since COVID-19.

Congratulations to A & A Alvarez from the VRPU, who took honours for the first prize and the big prize of $30,000. Congratulations, Angela and Aljunde.

Given the overall support from most of our members this year, prize money will only be paid by electronic funds transfer to your nominated account.

We will use your existing bank details for paymnet and for those who have not supplied, please SMS or email your bank details for prize money to be paid out in late November.

Yours in sport

Christopher Cachia
Ph: 0418 360 771
15.19 / 401 Docklands Drive
Docklands Victoria 3008

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