27B Carrington Drive

ABN 57 229 687 844

Invoice Number INV-0679
Invoice Date 18 September 2023
Due Date 25 September 2023
Total Due $0.00
F & E Dalli

Murray Street
Sunshine West, Victoria 3020

Mt Hope 2 [WPF CUP] ($ 2.00)

Qty Membership / Order / Entry / Service PriceSub Total
1 Deer Park

$5 credit for rings paid to WPF account directly due to order in multiples of 10, Original order was 25 only 20 issued.

33 Mt Hope 2 [WPF CUP]

options: Clock Type - Electronic

Sub Total $81.00
Tax $0.00
Discount -$5.00
Paid -$76.00
Total Due $0.00

Payment Option (Bank Transfer)
Bank name: Westpac
Account name: Western Pigeon Federation
BSB: 033 155
Account number: 196053

Payment Option (Pay your Club)
Please contact your Club Official for payment details.

Please Note:
- Make all payments directly into the Western Pigeon Federation bank account or account specified by your Club.

- When making your payment please use your Invoice Number as the payment reference. (This can be found in the top right hand corner of this Invoice.

- Your Membership/Order/Service will not be processed or dispatched until the funds have cleared in our bank account.