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2nd Race from Wedderburn 28/07/2012

Todays’ 2nd race from Wedderburn 28/07/2012.

Due to poor weather conditions Birds were moved 20 kms South.  1756 WPF birds and 558 Geelong birds were released in conjunction with Greater Melbourne due to time constraints, at 10.15 am. Upon release all birds left the race point in one group after three minutes. Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with a light Westerly wind.

On the way home birds will encounter scattered showers from late morning until evening.  Winds will be Westerly at     15 – 25 knots turning South Westerly 15 – 20 knots during the afternoon.  Max temp. is expected to be 14 degrees.

Remember production of clocks is one to one and a half hours after clocking.  Good luck to all.

For the Geelong Federation:  Todays’ co-ordinates are as follows:

Latitude     -36,  32,  24.3             Longitude         143,  48,  43.0

Todays’ Liberation 21/07/12

In todays’ race from Wedderburn, 21/07/12.  1955 WPF Birds competing from 58 lofts and approximately 500 Geelong birds were released at 11 am.  Conditions at the race point were fine and sunny with little or no wind. For the journey home, the birds will encounter a very light south to south/west wind.  Upon liberation the birds left in one main group within two minutes, with approximately 50 birds still at the race point after 10 minutes.  Production of clocks is one and a half hours after clocking.  All the best to everyone.

July B.O.M. Minutes final

B.O.M. July Minutes…Final